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SA to get new electrical sockets, plugs

South Africa has adopted a new standard for electrical plugs and sockets that, it’s claimed by the International Electrotechnical Commission, is the safest in the world. SANS 164-2 sockets, with the older three-pin socket visible on the right. The new sockets use up considerably less space than the current three-pin sockets, and they’re safer

                                                        SANS 164-2 sockets, with the older three-pin socket visible on the right SANS 164-2 plug and socket
Our highly qualified and experienced electricians work with the lower voltages utilized inside buildings. They are generally trained in one of five primary specialties: commercial, residential, light industrial, industrial, and low-voltage wiring, more commonly known as Voice-Data-Video, or VDV. In addition, they perform other sub-specialties such as control wiring and fire-alarm devices.


Stellar Electricians

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Don't worry; it's not another blackout, you just need a dependable electrician. Whether it's a construction and remodeling project, home electrical wiring, electricity conservation, or electrical maintenance you need, with us you will find reliable and licensed electricians in the area. Our electrician staff including industrial and commercial electricians, construction and remodeling contractors and electrical contractors, are professionally trained and fully licensed to serve your needs at affordable rates.

Commercial and residential electrician service

Our services include:

  • New Construction and Remodeling
  • Electrical wiring and cable installation
  • Electric devices installation
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service
  • Electrical repair and maintenance
  • Electrical service upgrades
  • Electrical inspection
  • Surge Protection

Electrician New York - toolsWe also supply electrical tools and supplies for do-it-yourself electrical work.

Electrician New York offers 24/7 service24/7 we are ready to provide you with timely, efficient, exceptional service. 

Our residential and commercial electrical services include:

  • Fans and Ventilation installation / maintenance
  • Track and Accent Lighting installation
  • Data / Communication Lines
  • Security and Landscape Lighting installation
  • Motors
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Transformers
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Hot Tubs and Spas
  • Electric floor heating (warm floor)
  • Solar systems / solar energy

Our services are provided in the following locations:

Gauteng | Free State | North West | Mpumalanga | KZN
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Energy Conservation, Efficiency & Style

Complete a room with efficiency and style

Reduces energy costs

As electrical contractors, Stellar Electricians, will employ electricians to design, install, and maintain electrical systems. We will be responsible for generating bids for new jobs, hiring tradespeople for the job, providing material to electricians in a timely manner, and communicating with architects, electrical and building engineers, and the customer to plan and complete the finished product.

Tips for conserving energy and lowering your electric bill!

Manage the Thermostat 
You can save as much as 3% off your heating and cooling cost for each degree lower you set your thermostat in the winter and for each degree higher  you set it in the summer.

Adjust Drapes and Curtains
Closed window treatments during summer months greatly help to block unwanted solar heat.  Open the window treatments in the winter to allow natural solar warming.

Compact Fluorescents
Use CFLs wherever possible.  Not only are they two thirds more energy efficient but also last as much as ten times longer.  Regular incandescent bulbs lose much of there energy creating heat.  This additional heat adds more load to your air conditioner in the summer and is hardly an efficient means of heat during the winter.  Of course, turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Cracks and Openings
Proper weather stripping of doors and windows and sealing of cracks and openings in your homes exterior can reduce energy cost by 5 - 10%.  Check your attic and crawlspace for sufficient insulation and ventilation.  Close foundation vents in the winter and  open them during summer months.

Landscape for Energy Savings
Leafy trees like oaks and maples provide cooling shade during summer months then shed their leaves in the fall allowing warm sun rays to help heat your house.  Properly placed evergreens and shrubs around the foundation can serve to block cold winds during the fall and winter months.  Savings on heating and cooling cost could be as much as 20%.

Appliances and Electronics
Turn off and/or unplug appliances and electronics like computers, TVs, and microwaves when not in use.  The electricity to power these devices in stand-by mode may be costing you as much as 5% or more of your energy bill.  Upgrade to new energy efficient appliances whenever possible.